Chronicle of a Stem Cell Transplant (and on through to the other side)

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Chunks, Chat and Other Sordid Details

So, things carry on over here...another day of listlessness and barfing (aren't you glad I am keeping this blog to make such pertinent info available?) I also have a French roommate who talks on the phone...Alot...though I am quite sure she is equally thrilled to be bunking with She Who Barfs Even More.

To make this blog about something other than vomit, I am happy to report that tomorrow is the last day of chemo (hopefully forever!) and then we'll see how this transplant thing goes.

On an earth-shattering note, I just had some lentil soup (here's hoping) and will likely watch some tv this evening or try to understand the psychology behind the Nicole Richie anorexia/bulimia/non-bulimia/purging situation.

Thank you all for the shwack of emails you have sent in the past few days. See below for my feeble attempt to reply:

JL...yes, SG, indeed, if this yacking keeps up. Keep me posted on the house! That is exciting. And, happy motoring...what colour?

CHodgins, not Hodgkins :)...That would be awesome if you're in the area (platelets and all)

ZH...I'm looking forward to my postcard from Turkey. Maybe Sting will be playing Epheseus again.

VH...Thanks for your blog info...I'll definitely be checking it out.

BG...You're bang on...the food blows.