Chronicle of a Stem Cell Transplant (and on through to the other side)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Commander, We've Lost the Cells...

Well, here I am...+2 days since the reintroduction of my stem cells to my immune system (they seem to be getting along just fine). The procedure itself was incredibly low key, though Ian and my mom were nearly on the floor before my stem cells were actually put back into me. I had managed to compartmentalize the fact that mispalacing/dropping that bag prior to my getting them back was fairly critical to, um, my survival.

The whole think only took 43 minutes and was virtually painless. The doctor, nurse and I spent most of the time talking about our preferences for not having certain foods touch each other on our plates, including the dreaded salmon/potato/green bean predicament.

Anyway, the whole thing is considered a "birth" day here of sorts since you are, in a sense, "born" again with a completely new immune system (I'll do it without all the deities...) Cathy dropped by at just the right moment with a fabulous carrot cake decorated with tiki unbrellas, so we celebrated in true style. Oh God, I just realized something though. I. Am. Now. A. Libra. No decision shall ever be made promptly in our household again.

JR...Somehow I was not suprised to hear you LOVE wearing HEPA masks, she with the tickle trunk. And, tell Scott, we're VERY impressed with his foray into Golden Gate Park...that's an impressive place to chuck cookies. *Ed. note: I've calculated, and in addition to me, 5 of my friends have thrown up in the last week. Thank you all for the sympathy pangs (or was it perhaps something else?)

TF...Oh it's more than in me, Fowler...and tomorrow's Friday.

EH/GC...Thank you for the laughing Elias! We were wondering whose nose and braces those were?? :) Also, we would very much like to hear more about that info, definitely.

KG...You guys look great. Good luck with the ol' Thanksgiving dinner thing. The name Yoda definitely rings a addition to being a galactic guru, I think she was the sister of someone in my year. Have an awesome time at the gallery tour. Don't buy too much!

MA...very cool! As long as you didn't end up on Oprah & Gail's Roadtrip...what colour were you wearing? I'll definitely tune in.

KD...So glad to hear all is well with wee bb Degner! Does he/she have a logo yet? :) Hmmm, that lady sounds a little kookie though...perhaps shopping around is a good idea. Labourshmabour...there are drugs for everything...

Puhl...Last time I checked there, sunshine, your hair was almost as short as mine. You can save your Samsonesque quackery for, for, for, your mama. Is she still living there? On your shoulder I mean.