Chronicle of a Stem Cell Transplant (and on through to the other side)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fat Face, Fat Feet

Whew...sorry to be MIA there for a few days. I had felt a little under the weather and had a cough that threw me into fits of spontaneous barfing. But, alas, my neutrophils are 0.3 today! I have been doing cheers in my head for them...Yaaaaaaay, neutrophils...(accompanied by a little leg kick) and it seems to be working.

I'm also lookin' reeeeeeal purdy...I am apparently retaining 2.5 kilos of water and it appears to all be in my face (I look like Humpty Dumpty on a bender). Add to that some red blobs and the fact that most of my hair has fallen out again revealing a pink, baby hamster-like's pretty much Munch's Scream. Appearances aside though, I feel like Picasso's Sunflowers.

TS...Thank you for the wicked card. A girl needs a kick-ass fairy with combat boots in this situation. And nice pics, especially the one inside! Hubba hubba. Did I just say that? How's that going?

TF...Tanis, Tanis...Have I told you you're the best ex-roomie ever? Sorry about the previous death threats. The bon bons arrived Monday and what a treat to get such goodies delivered right to my hospital bed. Rosebud salve? Choice. Lush hand cream? Chawesome. Homemade Music is my Boyfriend cd? Oh. My. God. Too much. Surf's up next summer, sister, without fail.

MA...Another delivery right to my bed, and from Chicago! Thank you for the sweet card. It was really nice to receive such encouraging words.

LR/Poo...Gotta say, the baking rocks. Ian ate eight (!) of the chocolate chip cookies this morning and I had some pumpkin loaf...delicious! But, man, you folks take card giving to a whole new level...that was, like, the best homemade card ever (next to the wedding one). The only problem is, Ian won't let me hang it up with the others...he says it makes him feel ill (?)

BS...Thank you for the that really what I look like?

JL...Meow, indeed. I can just picture your mom doing that. Check your email.

ZH...Live from Turkey! So good to hear from you. I hope you're having a fabulous time and I can't wait to see your pictures. If not Sting, maybe a reunion of New Kids on the, at Epheseus. Imagine! Don't forget to bring me a concert shirt.

RM...Brother, nice to hear from you! Thanks for the sunny vibes. They must be reaching me cause I feel better everyday. Hope you're enjoying the effects of global warming too. :)