Chronicle of a Stem Cell Transplant (and on through to the other side)

Monday, October 02, 2006

It Wasn't Me Trying to Jump from the Crane at VGH Yesterday...

...though, I did spend the day recovering from the most psychotic nightmare/hallucination/bad trip episode I think one could ever have. I dreamt that I had rolled off my hospital bed and was trapped between it and the chair in my room, then was covered in sandbags. Throw in some strobes and sheets doing the Macarena and you get the idea. Lisa, maybe hold off on those "home-baked" goodies for now...

Anyway, I feel much better today and thought that it's probably not often one has a blood transfusion (platelets, to be exact) and blogs, so I thought I would take advantage of the opportunity. It is nice to not have chemo chugging through my veins, even if I am still technically considered a bio-hazard.

Tomorrow, then, is "the big day." My stem cells will be making their way up from somewhere in the depths of the hospital where they have been frozen for the last two weeks and reinfused. Apparently, this only takes a short time, but there will be a lot of "vital" sign checking by nurses and doctors during the process. Thank god thermometres aren't what they used to be!

CH...Yay for Marko! Guess who's applying to the EPS now? Yup.

KD...Chunks for you and me both! Do let me know how it goes tomorrow. P.S Ian brought Camille in today.

MA...Thanks for the Michigan both looked gorgeous, of course.

SG...You must be so excited! Have you settled on a name yet? I'll have you know our friend Paul is not keen on the name "Liam," but we love it (B & H) (though, it doesn't really suit a little girl, does it?)

RJO...Thanks for those vibes (not to mention thoughts of cookies. Mmmm, chocolate). I look forward to a latte at Angelina's soon!

LR How're you folks feeling now a few days post-reunion? Hope Paul managed to avoid Marley's head this time :)

TF...Homey, you've been holding those bon bons hostage for months now. I don't believe you anymore. Great blog...didn't know you were such a banshee for sunflower seeds.