Chronicle of a Stem Cell Transplant (and on through to the other side)

Monday, October 23, 2006

More feeble replies, but replies nonetheless...

Well, since I'm still not quite my pre-transplant self just yet (but I've been out of the hospital a week, damn it), I am still relying on this blog to respond to emails. I hope ya'll don't mind. I also think I will FINALLY be up to regular visits next week. As you can imagine, I have been SO tired that unless you are particularly interested in narcolepsy, I'm not much of a hostess.

SW...I know you already know, but I am back now too! Yay! How was Czech? I heard Zenna was a superstar on the plane. Can't wait to see you.

ZH...I love your email updates. It sounds like you are having such a nice time. I regret missing out on that spa treatment though. Nice! When are you back? I will be dropping by the hospital to pick up postcard #2 and a few others I missed.

KD...Yes, my darling, always a pleasure to kick DumbDesign in the teeth, just one more time. Karma's a bitch, man. Now onto bigger things...I see you've announced Junior D on your blog! I am glad things are progressing as they should. Now what about that upstairs neighbour? Did you get her good? I mean with guilt :) P.S. We have to make those booties together!!

LR/Pee...First of all, L, your baking is exquisite. And the salmon and couscous? Totally enjoyed that meal. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. I know P slaved away to get that to us.

RM...Now, R, nice one...I mean about P bringing up the rear. Something we all knew but were just too kind to say...though, I will say, VERY impressed with TGGRE. I even downloaded it onto my iPod, right between Five for Fighting and Dido.

RT & K...Thank you and, yes, many a novel were composed sitting in that hospital room for three weeks, let me tell you. How's the planning going??

KG...Thanks for resending those emails. I definitely didn't get them and was starting to wonder! Did you get your new PC? I'm glad to hear everything is going so well. Can't wait to hear all about it!

JR (SB)...I'm still enjoying the bon bons (or one is still stuck in my teeth anyway...:)) It was so good to see you guys and made me love "fake" flowers! BTW, Frenchie was at the Outpatient Clinic...we could hear her from across the hall. Ahhhhhh!!!

JL/CT...Thank you so much for coming down. Very cathartic, indeed. I will wear my Harley shirt with pride as I do 60 in the Jetta.

RJO...Thank you. It is wonderful to be home, even if I can't do too much. Though, I expect to be at Angelina's in a couple of weeks. I will definitely let you know!

CM(H)...Hey ying, how's your yang? Wait. That doesn't sound right. Sorry to hear you are so unstable...oops, I mean unbalanced. There is a big difference! Anyway, I got out of the hospital before you could get to me...when are you off next week? I'd love to see you. Oh, and did you see Miyako? Too cute.

TS...You're a great butt cheek too.

L & FH...Can't wait to see you either. Did you know the "girl" in Flicka is 27??

CV...Thanks for the note (and glad I could help you pass some time at work too :))

SG, A, and little m! Congratulations and thank you for the pictures! She's absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to meet her in person. I presume you will be doing the Boston in April, S? ;)

BG...Yes, I think I may actually update more than the G & M. Glad to hear the little man is doing well. Make sure you are buying him gender-neutral toys. He should have as many Barbies as he has trucks.

TF...Still rockin' to the CD...awesome picks. Also still sucking up in lieu of aforementioned death threats.

EH/GC...Have I mentioned how much I love your mixed cd's too? Hint Hint. Material goods aside, thank you, for everything.