Chronicle of a Stem Cell Transplant (and on through to the other side)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Flood Pants, Anyone?

So, we are just loading up the animals two by two here...(which you may not have heard because I'm a bad, bad blogger) as our heating vents have, for some unknown reason, been filling up with WATER. Thus, the fact that it is supposed to rain from now until the new year is not a good sign. Fortunately, no flooding so far, and Ian is doing something noisy but productive with a wet vac. Here's hoping I don't have to travel around the house in a row boat (although, I could name it Suzy Spitfire...)

Speaking of the effects of global warming, my dad is out of the hospital and OK. He was in having what were suspected tumors in his lungs removed...thankfully, they turned out not to be malignant but, instead, Cryptococcus (the mysterious Vancouver Island/Parksville infection that came from south of the equator about four years ago). God knows how he picked that up. Anyway, it was successfully removed and he is recovering at home.

In terms of my own health, I had my post-transplant scan last week and, while there is still matter showing up in mass area, this is to be expected. So, this week and next, I am having other various scans to see exactly what is going on in there (including the monster $3000 PET-Scan again at UBC) and then I will be starting radiation a week or two afterward for four weeks.

I feel like I've had a salad bar of treatment - I get to try a little bit of everything. Oh joy. To get set-up for the radiation, I will have a "mapping" of my body done and be fitted for a MASK that I have to wear during the treatment. A mask...a full face and shoulder mask. I just keep getting cooler, I tell you.