Chronicle of a Stem Cell Transplant (and on through to the other side)

Saturday, January 27, 2007


Here are some photos from a recent snowshoeing adventure up Mt. Seymour (thanks again, Zoe!) which I failed to mention to my mom until after we returned home safely (she worries...) The last time I went snowshoeing, they were made of leather and, guess it's been awhile...It was a beautiful day on the mountain, with the exception of my needing to stop every thirty seconds so my pokey red blood cells could deliver some oxygen!

Needless to say, gorgeous as it was, snowshoeing for 2.5km the day before my first Team in Training run made things a bit heavy...must...keep...going...

But we got 'er done. Barely.

Now I'm off to Whistler for some glorious R&R!