Chronicle of a Stem Cell Transplant (and on through to the other side)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So Cheap They're Free...

So, it appears that Ian and I were going to be the only ones at the Rush concert this Thursday in Vancouver. As I've written previously, I got tickets for Ian before we knew we were coming to Montreal, and we've been trying to get rid of them ever since with no luck, not even for free. Now, I totally understand why one would not want to go to Rush, ie. Getty Lee shrieking like a kitchen witch in that nails-on-a-chalkboard kinda voice, but, surely, someone other than Ian is a fan? Therefore, I beg, I plead for someone to go and enjoy this concert. If you (and I won't make fun of you) secretly like Rush, or know ANYONE who does, and would like to go to the concert (did I mention, for free?) this Thursday night at GM Place, just email me and we can arrange for you to get the tickets. Please, you'd be helping people like me battle cancer. Ok, not really, but we'd really rather not see the tickets go to waste.

Now, on to the trial...I started week four on Monday, the final week of the first cycle. Next week, I will begin cycle two for another four weeks, after which I will have my first PET scan since starting to see what's going on in there. I have every belief that my body is responding and my tolerance for the drug seems to be improving. The side effects, mainly fatigue and nausea, seem to become less each week. I have been doing a lot of visualization and have made a little altar on our window sill in the bedroom where I have been collecting small "good luck" tokens. I figure it is less gory than offering up a goat (or Ian) for sacrifice.

In the next week we also have quite a few non-medical things going on. Our Quebec City trip has been postponed due to everything already being booked (this year is the 400th anniversary of the city), so we are opting for the Eastern Townships next week. I have also started yoga again, a restorative class where you only do about five or six poses. However, you hold them each for about ten minutes while the semi-abusive instructor, Michael, ensures you don't "wimp out" into child's pose. Now that's a position I can hold! I am also going to begin a Hatha class at a different studio so I can make sure my spirit isn't totally crushed. Actually, Michael is quite entertaining and I really enjoy the in-depth way he talks about the inner workings of the body as it helps with my visualizations.

Not to be outdone on his own healing journey, Ian is planning to attend the Mondial de la Biere this Friday, otherwise known as North America's largest beer festival, with some new English (as in UK, not anglophone) friends. Oh dear. We've also been invited to "Soiree in the City" this weekend (coinciding with the premiere of the new Sex in the City movie), a fundraiser for the Callanish Society at a new restaurant in Old Montreal, where I will be giving a little speech about this incredible organization. I have decided that this means it's haircut time as I think my former Ricky Schroder-do has grown out. You be the judge.