Chronicle of a Stem Cell Transplant (and on through to the other side)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

So Much For That Idea

Well, I was about to sit down and start complaining about having what appeared to be the flu and then a cold, on top of having low hemoglobin, cancer and (gasp) a hangnail, but that gets awfully tired, doesn't it?

Not to belittle anyone who is, or has ever battled cancer, but I get a bit frustrated with the notion that we with "the Big C" are somehow more wise, more attuned to the sanctity of life than others around us. It seems to ignore the fact that suffering goes on in much of the rest of the world - that many people the world over grasp the concept that life is fragile.

Certainly, a life touched by cancer, or any other of a thousand debilitating diseases, can sharpen the focus on one's mortality, as can a litany of other hurts. Let's face it, there are few of us who make it to adulthood without our share of pain, from losing a parent, to abuse, neglect, addiction, war, or hunger, just to name a few. I am quite certain that those who have endured these hurts know a thing or two about what it means to live.

At times, it just seems as if this whole cancer gig gets a little too precious. I'd prefer we dress it up in camo and combats and kick the shit out of it.