Chronicle of a Stem Cell Transplant (and on through to the other side)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Forget Cancer, I've Got Sunshine


The first note of spring’s song
the tiny crocus makes itself known
Miniature portraits of white, yellow, and purple
paint themselves across the landscape

The delight its arrival brings
Friends, strangers, ask one another
“Have you seen the crocuses today?”
Emerging from the dark, frozen earth
that has, again, begun to thaw

And we, watchers,
devotees of the crocus
take a breath
breathe in the sweet, deep fragrance
of another spring taking root within

What an abundantly creative time the last month has been. In the midst of being "somewhat" anxious about the seemingly new symptoms I was having, I have also been immersed in the most wonderful energy and companionship.

The above photo was taken the morning I left for the last Callanish retreat, when the crocuses had just begun to poke their heads up on our front lawn. They make me think of the incredible group of women I was about to meet - the beginning of seven new friendships and the deepening of many existing ones. By the time I came back, the crocuses were in full bloom and have continued to blossom since then.

The crocus also found its way into the little ditty above written last weekend at the Young Adult Cancer Network (YACN) retreat day. We spent a day writing and creating art and it was such a privilege to co-facilitate with my wonderful friend and art therapist extraordinaire, Gretchen.

Today, I am busy compiling the work of fourteen amazing writers who, for the past three months, have come together to explore their "inner landscapes" as part of the current Callanish Writes series. It is extremely moving work and it has been an honour to write with them. We will proudly unveil the second volume of poetry next week.

In the last few weeks, I've also had visits with some dear, old friends (I don't mean that they're old (not that there is anything wrong with that), but the friendships are). Roxann flew out from Calgary with her fiance, Jeremy, and Josefine came down from the Okanagan. I also got to spend some precious time with Jenny and her mom, Calee. I am so grateful for these friendships. You sisters knew me "back in the day."

Tonight, after an appointment at the Cancer Agency with my new radiologist (if I like her), we are going to an equinox gathering to celebrate spring in full force.

What a season.