Chronicle of a Stem Cell Transplant (and on through to the other side)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Don't Come Around Here No More

So, I didn't expect to ever write a blog entry about Billy Bob Thornton, much less have an opinion about him, but that's what happens when one is waiting (still no official date for the opening of the SGN 35 trial in Vancouver). Besides, who can resist after his bizarre appearance yesterday on the CBC program, Q.

Being interviewed with his band, which I'm not going to bother mentioning the name of, 'ol Billy Bob went "wackado" on the interviewer. Apparently offended by mention that he is an Oscar-winning actor and screenwriter (god, what a dig), he began the interview by answering questions about his music with "I don't know" and "I don't know what you're talking about."

It appears poor Billy Bob felt his musical integrity was not being taken seriously, demanding to know if the interviewer would ask Tom Petty the same questions. Hmm, tough to say, but I have a sneaking hunch Tom's sold a few more records.

The interview continued to deteriorate; however, host Jian Ghomeshi, who I happen to know is a pretty nice guy from my time at the CBC, remained composed. Jian questioned Billy Bob (OK, I'm not going to type that asinine name again) on his odd behaviour while remaining tactful and appearing not to break a sweat.

Still belligerent, BBT went on to describe concert goers in Canada as "mashed potatoes without gravy," and said that he prefers American and European audiences where people "throw things at each other."

Perhaps it's time for William Robert to reprise his role as Bad Santa. Now that was an artistic endeavour with integrity.