Chronicle of a Stem Cell Transplant (and on through to the other side)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Being back in the Land of the Living, I've barely had time to write.

It seems pretty clear that the SGN-35 is doing something pretty fantastic as I cannot remember when I last felt this good. The only side effect I've noticed is fatigue for about 24 hours post dosage (which I like to attribute to some ass-kicking going on in there).

Nonetheless, I got up at 5:30 this morning, full of energy and ready to take the dog for a walk. Then I remembered that Finnegan isn't actually here, but at my parents for a few days while our deck is being renovated. So while I may be losing my marbles, at least I'm full of beans.

Wanting to take advantage of this new found energy, I'm off to the Okanagan tomorrow for a few days to visit family and friends. I hear it's been above 30 degrees there lately so we hope to get out on the boat on Saturday. However, I've already been warned not to over-do it. Does that mean no slalom on the water skis? Just kidding, mom. Sort of.