Chronicle of a Stem Cell Transplant (and on through to the other side)

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Callanish Writes, Volume III

Little did we know (or maybe we did) when we began our first writing group at the Callanish Society, that almost two years and thousands of words later, we would be publishing our third book.

Each volume contains poems, stories and thoughts on living with cancer. Yet, while cancer is the common thread that brought us together to write, the content of the writing goes well beyond the disease.

To be in the company of this group is inspiring, to say the least. It also affirms my belief in and commitment to the power of the creative to heal, strengthen and enhance our lives. I see it happen, time and time again.

So, in the spring, I will be moving forward with plans to bring writing to people living with cancer on the North Shore with a new workshop,
Written Prescription.

The long-term goal is to make expressive arts more available in the community as a tool for healing during and after illness. I'm talking workshops, writers/artists/dancers at the bedside, in residence at hospitals and hospice; poetry in waiting rooms; music on the chemo ward; painting in the hallways...

and, ultimately, a permanent home (which I envision as “The Breathing Room”) which would offer studio space and workshops in the expressive arts free-of-charge to those who wish to include writing, art and music as they journey with illness.

Is it daunting to start planning and filling in the dates on next year's calendar given my situation?


Does it make my heart sing?