Chronicle of a Stem Cell Transplant (and on through to the other side)

Thursday, January 07, 2010

New Job

So, I'm feeling a little better after "Madmenning" myself (above) and hiring myself on at Sterling Cooper. I also thought, WTF, I've already got cancer, why not take up smoking? The martinis, well, that's not so new.

I also feel better after today's doctor's appointment. My primary oncologist is back and, let's just say, I feel a lot better with him back in the driver's seat. Or, rather, the co-pilot seat. I'm flying this plane, baby.

For now, as long as I continue to feel well and the side effects don't become unbearable, I will remain on the SGN-35 trial for another 2-3 cycles before we scan again. Infusion #12 is tomorrow.

My main concern is increasing neuropathy in my hands and feet. As it is unknown whether it will ever go away, I don't want to have it get to a level I can't live with indefinitely. Right now, it is only deemed Grade I.

So far, the three middle toes on my right foot are most affected. Both feet and my shins feel somewhat numbish and my hands feel a bit feeble when I try to do-up buttons or write. Not writing is not an option so that's my gauge.

On Tuesday, I managed a Nia yoga class (kind of like interpretive dance crossed with yoga done to funky eastern music). At the end, when I went to thank the teacher, I burst into tears and told her I hadn't been able to enjoy that kind of movement with my body in almost four years due to chemotherapy. Then she burst into tears.

What can I tell you, it was a yogi lovefest.