Chronicle of a Stem Cell Transplant (and on through to the other side)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Badda Bing

So the Bendamustine took a turn and decided to go all Tony Soprano on me.

Either that, or last Friday's Olympic opening ceremony induced some serious nausea and vomiting - which is quite possible given the ostentatiousness of that, um, "display."

I ended up spending the next five or so days feeling seriously under the weather, and very tired. However, I don't want to worry any of my friends who may be starting this drug in the future as I think all the vomiting had a lot to do with my chronic cough.

Before the Bendamustine, I would quite often cough to the point of sounding like I was going to throw-up (which was charming for those around me), so my gag-reflex was already pretty sensitive and I think the slight nausea last week just pushed me over the edge.

Honestly, if it weren't for this cough, I could probably run around the seawall; instead, it exacerbated my side effects and landed me a week in bed.

Although, I guess it wasn't the worst week to have been holed-up. It kept me away from the Olympic zealots who seem to think riding a zip-line and getting "free" admission to the art gallery make the six billion dollar cost for these Games worth it.

Oh well, at least the Believers can now permanently gaze upon the Olympic "cauldron" erected on the waterfront through the attractive chain-link fence that surrounds it.

Maybe that Ottawa RCMP officer who was in town as part of our billion dollar Integrated Security Unit, but just got arrested for shoplifting, could live inside.

Oh well, it will all be over soon. The Believers will drink the Kool-aid and we'll finally call it a day in O-Town.