Chronicle of a Stem Cell Transplant (and on through to the other side)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Am Here

(Another self portrait)

Here I am, indeed.

April has been an interesting month.

For one, it marks four years since my original diagnosis. Jesus Christ, I didn't plan on writing this blog for that long. On the other hand, I'm obviously extremely glad I'm still here to do it. It means I can officially give the finger to the rather depressing "life expectancy" I was given a few years ago.

Seriously, fuck you, cancer.

It was also this time two years ago that we moved to Montreal to start my first clinical trial. While there was actually some excitement involved in moving across the country to a great city like Montreal, receiving treatment in another province was hell at times.

I'm wishing my friend Chris all the best as he begins the SAHA/Niaminicide trial away from home in New York, and the same for Bekah who has begun SGN-35, the same trial I was on last year. May these both be the drugs that knock the living shit out of the Hodge.

Ok, that's enough swearing for now.

Round three of the Bendamustine has been manageable. Again, I did not repeat the vomiting of round one and seem to have it down to a few days of dizziness and a week or so of fatigue.

This, I can manage.