Chronicle of a Stem Cell Transplant (and on through to the other side)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

While I Was Gone...

I had my 30,000th visitor here and it was none other than my wonderful friend, Kirsten.

Hello, my friend! What a great name you have.

Kirsten also has a blog, the delightful Sew Lovely that chronicles her crafty adventures on beautiful Bowen Island here in BC. Be sure to check out the adorable gnome garden she recently created for her
sweet son, Logan.

I want a gnome garden!

Having just returned home from a week-long retreat, with time spent hiking in the woods, I remembered all the time I spent imagining fairies in my own childhood gardens. I'm sure they visited.

Now what's visiting is an expectant mama skunk who keeps "off-gassing" outside our window. We don't have the heart to evict her from her burrow in our front yard with her impending arrival so near, but it is making Finnegan crazy and us nauseated. Not to mention, I had chemo yesterday and today.

Pass the Ondansetron.

Hopefully, this round will go as smoothly as the last, though I had a few random barfs while away last week. I'm set to scan again on June 17th.

These past few months have been a time of many sad endings and beautiful beginnings, as all time is, I suppose. More friends lost, found, diagnosed, in remission, stable and dying. I lost my grandma too.

More babies, moves, renos and weddings.

More nature, more music, more writing.

It has been a period of relative "stability" for me, so I continue trying to figure out how best to live meaningfully in this circumstance I find
myself in.

Lucky for me, I have many dear hearts - yours - near and far, to help me do this.